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Cannes 2012: Day 9 - 'In the Fog'by Jordan Cronk, 2012-05-29,

The film slowly builds, never reaching a traditional war film climax, but instead stokes equally potent flames as Sushenya delivers a gut-punching final speech before having to choose between honor, friendship, and and his own mortality. It’s a mature move by a mature filmmaker, still only two films deep into what looks to be very promising new direction.

Cannes 2012, Day Nine: The director of Precious drops another prestige stinkbomb and an unfilmable novel gets filmedby Mike D'Angelo, 2012-05-25,

Loznitsa’s previous film, My Joy, was notable for its formal daring and structural gamesmanship, but In the Fog skews much more traditionally festival-elegant, juxtaposing lengthy tracking shots as the men walk or ride through dense forest with locked-down simplicity when they’re at rest. The story is simple, arguably too simple….

Review: Sergei Loznitsaʼs "My Joy"on Notebook MUBI, 2011-09-30,

Starting with the one man, his truck, and the road, Loznitsaʼs film finds good reason to branch off from that singular movement in newly opened directions of story, as the region the man travels through seems a repository for Russian history, miscreant deeds and shackled existences.