documentary film, 2014, 20 min, b&w, Dolby, HD, 5.1


directorSergei Loznitsacameraman Sergiy Stefan Stetsenkosound designerVladimir Golovnitzkiy editorsDanielius Kokanauskis, Sergei Loznitsa producers Antra Gaile, Sergei Loznitsa, Maria Choustova-Bakerpoduction Mistrus Media (Latvia), Atoms&Void (Netherlands) distributionAtoms&Void


Riga. Tourists and local drunks wander through a sleepy afternoon, children play on the grass, and a tram lazily crisscrosses through everything that happens. Sergei Loznitsa, one of the most precise and sensitive observers of the Eastern European region, explores the locus of a defunct Jewish cemetery, observing the people and the somewhat torpid street activity, and capturing the contemporary life of a place where burials were still conducted during the Second World War. Factual commentary is suppressed in favor of contemplating the changes to a seemingly uninteresting place whose atmosphere has been softened by the everyday.