документальный, 2012, 20 мин., ч/б, Dolby Digital, 35 мм


режиссер Сергей Лозница оператор Павел Костомаров звукорежиссер Владимир Головницкий производство "Атомы и пустота" дистрибютер "Атомы и пустота"


In his most recent documentary Loznitsa paints a portrait of the residents of a mental institution in North-Western Russia. This stylized black and white material with added sound creates the impression of being anchored in the time of several decades ago. Life in a small village has a completely different pace. Against the backdrop of the oneiric and sluggish world the mental institution becomes an allegory of the country inhabited by people unaware of the changes going on around them.


"GOLDEN DRAGON’" for The Best Short Film Krakow Film Festival ,Poland, 2013 PRIX EFA for the Best European Film Krakow Film Festival ,Poland, 2013Nomination to the European Film Award 2013 in the short film category